Combat exercise in Kaushpoos was performed

Commanders CplVlademir and Nexurra Trevelyan performing combat exercise┬áin their Core Dynamics Eagles. The Whole exercise was recorded through 2 on board cameras.­čöŚ

Yesterday a celebration event took place in tMR’s current home system Kaushpoos. In the event commanders @CplVlademir @shotwn and @NexurraTrevelyan performed combat and maneuver exercises.

Even though not being forced away from Kaushpoos required a celebration, it also brought some questions. Should tMR keep Kaushpoos, their long holding home since the tragedy in Kremainn, as their home system or migrate to an another system.

Kaushpoos was home to tMR after they left Kremainn for good, yet it always had two main hardship for the group. Non profiting CC and the ever lasting rule of Kaushpoos Pro-Alliance Union. But looks like economic situation in the Federation will be the deciding factor in tMR’s presence in the system as Kaushpoos is always┬áin minus side of the scale.

Commanders @shotwn and @CplVlademir have started to take opinions of the members of tMR and final decision remains to be seen after cycle 90 as it will be in total secrecy against public.