tMR Are On Their Way To Dongkum As The Election Is Finished

Kaushpoos & Donkum as seen in powerplay status

It’s being reported that after having a brief meeting with @shotwn, @cplvlademir has left Neville Horizons in his Anaconda last night, his flight plan suggested that he went to Swanwick Enterprise in Dongkum system. Later in the evening an official statement was made by tMR leadership as follows:

     “We have decided to move to Dongkum Bubble, after the majority of votes turned out to be in favor of moving. This means every tMR member has been ordered to move their space vessels to Swanwick Enterprise until Thursday. We will put every other operation to hold until the moving process has been completed successfully.”

This statement clearly shows tMR moved their base system from Kaushpoos to Dongkum system as it was speculated before. What kind of developments this decision will cause, remains to be seen…

Swanwick Enterprise the new home of tMR.