Mandeville Science Institute

Mandeville Science Institute
In service of the Federation.

Every great moment in our civilization’s history starts with discovery.  The great industrial revolution  would never have been if not for the pioneers who braved their lives to discover the resources and dedicate their lives to engineering and science.  Founder of MSI Godbert Mandeville is a well known and revered Scientist amongst the highest circles of the Empire, becoming a great Imperial Baron, Mandeville’s discoveries have allowed great advancement within the Empire.

We would like to propose the Federation allow us to integrate into your space.  We understand such a proposal brings great risk and suspicion owing to our previous ties with the Empire and Li Yong-Rui formerly being one of our largest benefactors, though after many negotiations with the Main Receivers we believe we can work together with great success.

More information to be transmitted to various classified data points soon.

We understand and accept that Imperial Institutions are not readily welcomed in Dongkum space, however you can rest assured than MSI have ties with Duval and the Imperials no longer.  We have prepared a series of encrypted Journals which will be transmitted to operatives of Dongkum space over the coming weeks which will explain our stance and why we have shed our ties with the Emperor so you can formulate a more unbiased opinion of MSI and what we stand for, and more importantly what we will bring to tMR.  We understand that the desire for the full dossier on our defection is great, however for our protection and your own, such an in depth publication to one data point is ill advised.

Until the full series has been published we ask you to allow our MSI ships to work within Dongkum, Nyal, Cemplatui and Pirawoth unhindered in return we will share valuable information from our database and how it will help us achieve the will of Zachary Hudson within our space.

Shift in Power at Daga Tri

Friend Thomas Larson of Daga Tri Shared

Today, with tMR’s support, Daga Tri Noblement overthrown Daga Tri Shared and took control of Daga Tri.

As the civil war continues in Daga Tri, Daga Tri Shared started to leave their controlled stations. Spokesman for DTS Thomas Larson gave this speech in Barbaro Landing :

    “We don’t accept this defeat as it was only with the support of some outsiders coming from Kaushpoos. They are here for only 2 weeks and look at the bloodshed they have caused.

People of Daga Tri were happy under our management. Now they will suffer under management of some puppets who dare to call themselves ‘Nobles’. From now on our focus won’t be on puppets but it will be on puppet masters. tMR should pay for what they did.”

Patrician Veda Gill from Daga Tri Noblement

In following hour, royal family of Daga Tri Noblement declined allegations stating that they didn’t need tMR’s support, and they are not puppets. They are the true rulers of Daga Tri as their family build and owned the system for many years.

As Daga Tri Noblement’s influence in Daga Tri has risen up to 70%, it is also expected that Daga Tri Noblement will expand their rule over Dongkum Bubble.


Unknown blue Anaconda, in wing of 4 seen in Grothendieck Terminal. Rumored to be a tMR ship.

There are no statements from tMR at the moment. While movement in Swanswick Enterprise continues, four Anacondas had seen docked at Grothendieck Terminal, with their transmitters turned off. It is rumored that these Anacondas are part of tMR’s fleet.

We will keep you posted with following developments. Stay classy Dongkum Bubble.


tMR Are On Their Way To Dongkum As The Election Is Finished

Kaushpoos & Donkum as seen in powerplay status

It’s being reported that after having a brief meeting with @shotwn, @cplvlademir has left Neville Horizons in his Anaconda last night, his flight plan suggested that he went to Swanwick Enterprise in Dongkum system. Later in the evening an official statement was made by tMR leadership as follows:

     “We have decided to move to Dongkum Bubble, after the majority of votes turned out to be in favor of moving. This means every tMR member has been ordered to move their space vessels to Swanwick Enterprise until Thursday. We will put every other operation to hold until the moving process has been completed successfully.”

This statement clearly shows tMR moved their base system from Kaushpoos to Dongkum system as it was speculated before. What kind of developments this decision will cause, remains to be seen… (more…)